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2022 May 15, LAKMA – Mozart’s Requiem Concert

Mozart Requiem 2022 Lakma
LAKMA Symphony Orchestra & Chorale WMU Chamber Choir Im Sang Yoon, Conductor - Soloists - Young-Joo Lee, Soprano Anna Pflieger, Mezzo-Soprano Arnold Livingston Geis, Tenor Ben Lowe, Bass BOOK NOW! Tickets $20 All proceeds made from tickets will be donated to support Ukraine Tickets available online at or call...

2021 December 12, LAKMA & BYTHAX Friendship / Scholarship Christmas Family Night Concert

2021 LAKMA
  The annual LAKMA "Christmas Family Night" concert will be held Sunday, December 12, 2021 at The Way Church, in Los Angeles. Four scholarship students will be selected, and  we are going to perform with the Chamber Choir (African American group) “BYTHAX” led by Dr. Diane White-Clayton.   BYTHAX The...

Announcement – 2021 LAKMA Scholarship Winners

The LAKMA Scholarship Committee is happy to inform the 2021 LAKMA Scholarship Winners  1st Places David Kang, Leonard Hayes  2nd Place Evan Llafet 3rd Place Christopher Bang

2021 December 12, LAKMA Scholarship Contest

The annual LAKMA “Christmas Family Night” concert
The annual LAKMA “Christmas Family Night” concert will be held Sunday, December 12, 2021 at The Way Church, in Los Angeles. Four scholarships will be awarded to students majoring in music, and select winners will perform during the scholarship award ceremony. IMPORTANT DATES • Deadline for receipt of submitted materials:...

2018 LAKMA Scholarships

 2018 LAKMA Scholarship Concert Sunday, December 9, 2018, 7:00 PM The Way Church   1st Winner : Sung Chang (Piano - USC) 2nd Winner : YuEun Kim (Violin - USC) 3rd Winner : Candice Oh (Cello - Colburn School)   <Program> Festive Overture  by D. Shostakovich (1906~1975) "Les Oiseaux dans...

2015 한국의 얼(The Spirit of Korea)

  LAKMA 에서 이번 7월11일 오후 7시30분에 월트디즈니 콘서트홀에서 ‘한국의 얼’(The Spirit of Korea)이라는 제목으로 광복 70주년을 기념하는 대규모 음악제를 마련합니다. 이번 음악제에는 LAKMA 합창단과 오케스트라, 영 엔젤스 어린이 합창단 등 모두 170명이 무대에 서 대한민국 광복의 뜨거운 감격과 번영의 역사를 음악으로 표현합니다. 특별히 한국의 유명 테너 배재철씨가 출연하셔서 자리를...