2023 LAKMA Concert

“Korea & Türkiye Unified in Friendship and Harmony”

August 5, 2023, at 7:30 P.M.

Walt Disney Concert Hall

LAKMA extends a warm invitation to join us for our upcoming concert “Korea & Türkiye Unified in Friendship and Harmony” at the Walt Disney Concert Hall on August 5.

The major earthquake that hit Türkiye, Syria on February 6th has been recorded as one of the largest natural disasters of the 21st century. While the official number of casualties in Türkiye alone is close to 60,000, unofficial accounts from the area suggest that the number of victims is nearly one million. In the wake of this catastrophic event, local leaders on the disaster site emphasize the need to provide comfort and solace to the affected individuals who are suffering from the psychological trauma.

As inhabitants of this planet, transcending race, religion, and region, it is crucial to commemorate the victims and support one another. LAKMA, which has been committed to the cause of helping people through music, with the slogan “We are people helping people through music,” has been actively involved in remembering and aiding in the difficult events taking place around the world. This time, in the spirit of commemorating the countless victims of the earthquake and providing comfort to the survivors, LAKMA, along with Türkiye community and the Korean community, is planning a concert to build friendship and memorialize those who lost their lives in the local disaster, while instilling hope in the survivors.




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Peace and Harmony
Peace and Harmony