The mission of the Los Angeles Korean-American Musicians’ Association (LAKMA) is “We are people helping people through music!” LAKMA is a nonprofit organization made up of musicians and singers from multiple cultures and backgrounds across Los Angeles. We strive to provide financial support to other nonprofit organizations through our various music events and concerts. We also have a tradition of opening music events for the poor community and sharing messages of Hope and Love!

Board Members


President: Seung Ho Choi
Music Director: Im Sang Yoon
General Manager: Wi Young Oh


President: Seung Ho Choi

Music Director: Im Sang Yoon

General Manager: Wi Young Oh

Assistant Conductor: Kyounghee Kim

Piano: Sky Lee

General Affairs: Anna Chyun

Vice General Affairs: Kahee Lim

Public Relations: Sang Hee Lee

Operations: Douglas McDonald

Accounting: Sohie Rhee

Sheet Music Administrator: Je Young Park

Soprano Section Leader: Eugene Han

Alto Section Leader: Seol A Yang

Tenor Section Leader: Patrick Chyun

Bass Section Leader: Je Young Park

Advisor: Kyung Sae Kim